What is delivery of marijuana from a dispensary?

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Cannabis delivery is a method of administering cannabis that eliminates the need for the customer to visit the dispensary in person. People who have problems going about outside of their homes frequently favor this strategy. States vary in their acceptance of cannabis dispensary delivery, even within the legal market.

What is delivery of cannabis?

With delivery, a consumer will make a purchase online, and a courier will transport the items straight to your home, as opposed to the typical model of cannabis sales in the legal market, which requires customers to visit a dispensary to acquire products.

Even in the legal cannabis industry, delivery is a niche service that is not available in all states. For people in need of medical attention or clients who are unable to visit a business due to their health, delivery is a fantastic choice. More than 10% of delivery users are over 60, according to a white paper from delivery technology provider OnFleet.

Delivery benefits cannabis companies economically as well since clients are more likely to place larger orders online than in-person at a dispensary. Anyone familiar with the black market has probably had cannabis delivered to them, even though delivery is relatively new to the legitimate, regulated cannabis sector. Delivery served as a safety measure for dealers during the unregulated market era since they didn’t want a noticeable steady stream of customers coming and going from their house.

Cannabis remains forbidden at the federal level.

The main issue is that cannabis is still listed by the federal government as a Schedule 1 drug. Federal statutes state that it has a significant potential for abuse and no therapeutic benefit. The executive branch’s agenda heavily influences how the federal government is enforced. An anti-cannabis president would order law enforcement to be more active in making arrests and bringing charges. The division between federal and state legislation engenders a number of difficulties, further complicating the task of developing a new sector.

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