Things to know about the pineapple express strain

Pineapple Express is a strain made by combining two hybrid products from the Cannabis Sativa category plants, Trainwreck, the name given to the stain because of its effect on a human body if consumed, and Hawaiian landrace, a name given to the stain as it is only originated and available in Hawaiian islands. The product is created by G13 labs, a cannabis seed company, around mid-2000. The product gained popularity after the release of the Hollywood movie Pineapple Express in the year 2008. The product is available in all dispensaries and chemist and druggist stores in the United States of America. Through this article, you will learn about the pineapple express vape pen.

What do you mean by vape pens, and how it works?

Vape pens can be rechargeable or disposable. Rechargeable ones contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and refillable e-liquid storage made of stainless steel or ceramic. You switch on the device, and the battery will let the liquid get heated up, and the vapor will get stored in a storage area. Later you can vape it. As for the disposable ones, the whole pack is irreversible. That is, the battery is attached and cannot be recharged once the battery drains out, and the e-liquid compartment can’t be refilled if it gets emptied.

Some specifics of the Pineapple Express strain-

  • The Flavour and aroma of this strain are of the pineapple fruit
  • This strain contains 18% to 20% of THC
  • Patients addicted to marijuana intake this strain to eliminate the symptoms of depression, stress, and discomfort caused due to extreme muscle pain, relief from asthma attacks, and fatigue.
  • The best time to inhale this strain is morning, afternoon, or early evening.
  • The product contains two types of terpenes, caryophyllene limonene, and Ocimene.
  • The product is long-lasting and makes you euphoric, buzzy, alert, creative, and high-level energy.
  • This strain is used in making marijuana cocktails.

Delta 8 Disposable Strawberry
Price of Pineapple Express-

On average price of every gram of Pineapple Express strain costs $ 20.

Few vape pens containing Pineapple Express strain-

  • CBDfx CBD & Delta-9 THC vape pen – this is a disposable vape. Contain 5 mg of THC and 500 mg of CBD.
  • VIDA Vape pen- contains full spectrum CBD hemp oil of 250 mg. The pack is 0.5 ml.

To continue, the vape mentioned above pens are in most demand.

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