How to wear a Naruto headband

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In the world of anime, few characters are as iconic as Naruto Umami. The young ninja from Konohagakure (Leaf Village) is known for his orange jumpsuit, his prodigious ninja skills, and, of course, his signature headband. In addition to the figure itself, this Yamato Naruto figure comes complete with 10 interchangeable hands, 2 interchangeable heads, a pair of swords, a pair of kunai, a pair of shuriken, and a figure stand. The figure itself is made from PVC, standing approximately.

Whether you are a fan of this young ninja or simply enjoy collecting anime and manga figures, this figure is sure to make a great addition to your collection.

Wearing a Naruto Headband:

If you’re a fan of Naruto, or simply want to add a touch of anime to your style, wearing a Naruto headband is a great way to do it.Not only are headbands a popular fashion item in anime, they’re also quite versatile. You can wear one with just about any outfit, and they’re easy to make or buy.

The most common type of Naruto headband is the Konoha headband. This headband is worn by members of the Konia village, and has a green leaf symbol on the front.

 Choose Your Headband:

The first step is to choose the headband that you want to wear. There are two main types of narutos headband the standard headband, which is a simple strip of cloth with a metal plate bearing the Leaf Village symbol, and the Churning headband, which is a more elaborate headband with two metal plates.

Naruto headband

Once you have the headband on, you can adjust it so that it is comfortable. You may also want to put a few bobby pins in your hair to keep the headband from slipping off.

 Put On the Headband:

Once you’ve chosen your headband, it’s time to put it on. If you’re wearing the standard headband, simply tie it around your head so that the metal plate is in the centre of your forehead. If you’re wearing the Churning headband, tie it around your head so that the two metal plates are on either side of your forehead.

Enjoy Your New Look:

That’s it! You’re now ready to show off your new Naruto-inspired look. Be sure to take plenty of pictures so you can share your style with your friends.


Have you ever wanted to look like your favourite anime character? Wearing a Naruto headband is a great way to do it! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be showing off your anime style in no time.

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