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                The House and Development Board (HBD) has always been working on transforming the towns in Singapore into smart cities since its establishment in the year 1960. These smart cities are capable of sustaining the residents through creating a residential complex with vibrant ambiance along with innovative architecture that brings the community closer and the economy stronger. This kind of approach in solving the housing crisis in Singapore paves the way to new business ventures as more foreigners are attracted to invest in their competitive economy.

Singapore’s Real Estate Standing

Based on the Department of Statistics in Singapore, the country’s foreign direct investment has increased annually by $84.4 to $214.9 billion since 2015. It was shown in the recent data that there is a $1,912.3 billion investment last 2019 in which the highest number of investors come from the United States of America. The top 5 industries which have the highest investment are the finance and insurance sector, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, professional and administrative and support services, and lastly, real estate. With this, there is a continuous rise in public housing programs headed by HBD to cater the growing population of Singaporean and foreign citizens.

Singapore’s Housing Programs

According to HBD, there are more than 1 million flats built across the country to provide affordable and quality homes to its people. Almost 90% of flat residents are homeowners that is why there is also a rise in resale. Before, HDB flats are designed to have 1 to 3 rooms to accommodate the relocation of people living from squatter’s areas. Right now, a HDB flat for sale in woodlands or even 5 are available in residential buildings, especially in Woodlands.

The Perks of Flats in Woodlands

                If you are interested in owning a resale hdb 4 room flat woodlands, choosing a flat in Woodlands is a good choice for the following reasons:

  • It is home to 41,000 residents.
  • It has a waterpark, a spring, a hill and garden parks.
  • It offers delicious and authentic foods, which are family heirlooms of recipes, that are served in Beaulieu House and Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre.
  • It has an observatory called Woodlands Galaxy CC which will kindle your astrophile heart.
  • It has ant and grasshopper playgrounds to entertain your kids.
  • It has a music hub where local bands have live performances.
  • It has Market Street which is a mall full of high-end fashion stores and world-class restaurants.

With this in mind, you will know where to go for your next IG post.

So, if you are a family person looking for a new space to live in, you may check on the available resale HDB 4-room flat in Woodlands Real Estate.

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