Role of Lawyers in Criminal Cases

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The role of lawyers in criminal cases is very important to maintain the legal rights of a suspect or defendant.  Nevertheless, there are still many people who do not know the importance of lawyers or advocates in handling the cases they are facing.

From the definition of an advocate, it can be understood that the advocate profession as a profession that provides law firm singapore services both outside and inside the court is an important part of efforts to provide legal protection in a broad sense for a suspect/defendant and on the other hand provides legal advice for a suspect or defendant when the person concerned does not understand the legal provisions for the actions that are suspected/accused of him or regarding the legal process that must be passed step by step in handling the legal case at hand.

But in reality, there are still many people who do not know or do not want to use the services of an advocate in handling their cases for several reasons.  One of them, according to them, is that hiring or using the services of an advocate needs to incur high costs which they cannot do, even though there is an institution that provides free legal assistance in handling cases, namely the Legal Aid Institute which is ready to help legal problems experienced by people who are suffering from legal problems and unable to fight for their legal rights.

So it’s not a cost issue that people should be afraid of, but a lack of desire to use legal counsel that is the real problem.  Whereas in the trial the suspect or defendant has the right to obtain legal protection assistance.

 Currently, many small communities are disadvantaged in terms of the law. They cannot defend themselves because they do not know about the laws that apply in that country, so they are resigned to the punishment that was imposed on them.  Things like this will not happen if they use the services of an advocate in guarding the trial of their case, because advocates know the rules that apply in that particular state.  Likewise, at the beginning of a case that was faced by a member of the community at the investigation stage, it was not uncommon for a member of the community to be ignorant of the legal aspects of the legal problems faced by him.

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