Bodybuilding: how to build your body best

What comes to your mind when you hear the word bodybuilder ? To most of the people the image of giant and massive men, shiny from oil and wearing only briefs, is revealed in the mind. People imagine these mountains parading across the stage, cheered on by the crowd as they advance into the spotlight by contracting and showing off their biceps , triceps , and pecs. These also take the name of ” bodybuilders ” and, in fact, it is a real sport, highly competitive and in which women and men from all over the world can participate SR9009 website.

The truth, however, is not just about the visual aspect; there is much more than the eye can notice. Bodybuilding does not necessarily involve professionals and, above all, it does not always have to do with competitions . Rather, this sport is defined by the word itself: “ body ” means body in English while “ building ” is about to build . These are people who try to gain as much muscle mass as they can, even from scratch.

It could be a computer scientist who has decided to invest part of his time in the gym rather than sitting in front of a monitor, a cyclist who attaches weights to his bike in order to increase the strength in his legs or a footballer to improve his performance. of agility in the field . Anyone who decides to build muscle becomes a bodybuilder and you could be too.

If you really want an exhaustive definition of the term, then you should know that there are two of them and they differ in level. The first involves ” the development and growth of the body through exercise and diet “. Once they become part of the competitive world, it changes into ” development and growth of one’s body for competitive purposes “. They are distinct from each other but united by the foundation of working with your muscles.

StenabolicWhen was bodybuilding born?

Bodybuilding as it is known today has attracted, over the different historical periods, countless enthusiasts well before it became a full-fledged competition. The statuette of Mr. Olimpia portrays Eugene Sandow , a famous bodybuilder who started professional competitions in 1890 .

The fact of using weights for training, acquiring strength and physical power, is due to the Greek and Egyptian societies. They used the weight of stones instead of modern barbells to shape their body. In fact, the practice of exhibiting one’s sculpted body was already widespread in Greek civilization.

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