Wearing Hard Bottom Shoes, When To Switch To Hard-Soled Shoes

Dressing the little ones up has to be one of the most favorite things that parents do, and they hope to do it the best possible way because every parent wants their kid to look and present themselves in the best possible way. Parents wish to dress their kids up in the best clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. One such shoe type is the hard bottom shoes which were going to see in this section. Deciding when a kid should wear hard-bottomed shoes is important because making them wear these shoes at a very young age can harm their feet. So, one needs to know When to switch to hard soled shoes?

The signs are

  • It would help if you let your little one wear soft sole shoes until they start talking about his or her steps. Wait for them to start walking properly. Only then, after some time, should you consider buying such shoes for them.

  • You should not be in much hurry because wearing such shoes can hinder your child’s natural foot growth as children’s bones and muscles are much softer than those of adults.
  • It is recommended that after the completion of fifteen months of your baby, you should consider making them wear the sole hard ones. Until then, stay calm and composed and let the natural growth take over.

So, it is very important to look for the signs that may tell you that one of your kids is big enough to wear such hard-bottomed shoes. Until then, you should not go for the hard bottoms ones because there are various other types available in the market that are stylish, comfortable, and safe at the same time. When to switch to hard-soled shoes is the best thing so that whenever you face any problem, you are aware of the things and can switch without any hassle.

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