My Hero Academia Merch: The Ultimate Who is Your Fave?

Everyone has those favourite things from Ouran High School Host Club to Sailor Moon.  It’s the same with My Hero Academia, there are a ton of characters and sometimes it can be hard to choose which one is your fave.

Well look no further as we bring you our top six list. We will also provide what we think their quirk could be in mha merch and how they would use that to fight villains. Let’s get started:

#6: Tenya Iida: Engine

So if you guessed his quirk was speed then your right! He might have a leg based power but he can fly so it doesn’t really matter. This guy is a legit fighter no matter which way you slice it. Even though he might have the tendency to take things too seriously, he’s still a good character.

#5: Shoto Todoroki: Half-Cold/Half-Hot

A lot of you are probably thinking this is too obvious but even though it seems he can control ice and fire; we think his quirk could be something else entirely. His quirk has something to do with temperature which means he could use microwaves or any other form of heat against his enemies.

#4: KatsukiBakugo: Explosion

He might seem like an awful person at first glance but honestly to us, his worst quality is that he has no chill. We think his quirk would relate to explosions since he can create them! And let’s be honest, this is a really cool power that would help him fight all kinds of villains.

#3: All Might: One for All

This is the ultimate power. Literally. There are five different stages to it and each one has an amazing ability (though the third one seems like it’d be hard to control). However, we think his quirk could be something simple like super strength or speed. Either way, this guy is probably the strongest hero in the world which means he’ll always save everyone at any cost.

#2: IzukuMidoriya: One for All

He might not be able to use this for much right now but we think his quirk will be similar to All Might’s and give him a power of some sort. And let’s face it, this is very similar to One for All and it would make sense for him to get the same type of ability if he were related to the previous owner somehow.

#1: OchakoUraraka: Zero Gravity

She definitely has the power that comes with her name which means she can control gravity in an area. This means she could make people feel really light or really heavy. Either way, we think this is one of the most useful abilities out there and would help her fight police style crime.

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