Is the Garden A High-Quality Place for Art?

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Art has been associated with gardens from the very beginning of their existence. Sculptures have been eye-catching in gardens since ancient times. Currently, sculptures usually appear in public places, sometimes even as sculpture parks. However, few private people decide on sculptural elements in the garden. Maybe not many people decide on such an element because the garden is only for them a piece of sunbathing lawn and a place for children to play, and for others, it is the misery of mowing once a week. There are those for which garden care alone relaxes and calms you down after a hard day’s work. Still, others know how to make full use of an additional room under a cloud, and in the season from May to October, the garden becomes an additional space where family and friends eat, play, and work.

Sculptures in the world

Garden sculptures are not very popular, but there are exceptions. If sculptures are created in public spaces, why not also invite them to your own garden? There will certainly be something that will meet different aesthetic requirements. There are, for example, kids playroom furniture” magic” sculptures that create a surprising fairy-tale atmosphere in the garden.

Garden A High-Quality Place for Art

Is it worth placing relatively expensive sculptures among the greenery?

Definitely yes. Because they make the garden take on a unique character, they are an ornament even when the plants are without leaves during the winter. As a landscape architect, I am definitely in favor of (positive) standing out from the popular / cliché garden “mass,” which unfortunately I often watch.

Landscape architecture on seasonal countries. Terrain architecture. Learn to do the same

It is not enough to build a good home: functional inside and beautiful outside. It is important to improve the surrounding area – to create an attractive landscape design on the site. In this case, the basics of landscape design will be useful. Before we talk about the basics of landscape gardening art and the nuances of design, we will understand the concepts. WHAT LANDSCAPE DESIGN IS Panoramic design means a region whose management tools are designed to create a landscape in a small area. This is the main difference between science and design, which is, by nature, a more time-consuming and costly process. It is much easier to implement a project with the relief of personal territory. The basics of landscape design harmoniously combine art and science. Thanks to this composition, the master managed to translate the sketch into reality, affecting its functionality and introducing an aesthetic element to the design.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: BASIC ART ELEMENTS Commonly used tools include: color correction scaling, texturing, formation. Everyone sees the design of their website in their own way, everyone sets their own design requirements, and everyone does everything possible to realize the visually shaped image in his head within his budget. In the hands of the client, a designer is a tool capable of creating, and the result of the work depends on how exactly they understand each other.

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