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The pulley is basically a wheel on a shaft that is designed to support the movement and change the direction of the force by utilizing tensioned rope. The surfaces of the pulley may have some grooves. The drive elements run over the pulley. You can comprar poleas from SadiTransmisiones S.L. at affordable prices.

Advantages of pulleys-

  1. Eliminates slippage- the positive grip of the belt teeth with timing pulley grooves eliminated slippage as well as speed variation. There is no initial stretch and no elongation is required to belt take up because of the high modulus tension member.
  2. Less bearing load- as the positive drive belt does not rely on friction. Therefore, there is no need for high initial tension. Thus, overhung bearing loads are reduced to the minimum. Motor bases as well as idlers are generally eliminated.
  3. Less space- small timing pulleys, short centers, narrow belts, high capacity, all of these features can be combined in order to reduce the space requirements. Center distance can be permanently established.
  4. Constant angular velocity- speed is basically transmitted uniformly. There is no chordal rise and fall of pitch line as with roller chains, no belt creep or slippage, therefore no chatter or vibration.
  5. Smoother running- because of the advanced design of this, backlash between the teeth of stock belts and also the grooves of stock pulleys are greatly reduced to a negligible minimum. Therefore, a positive drive belt frequently outperforms precision gear drives.

  1. Wide range of load capabilities- the load capabilities of the positive drive belt drives range from some sub fractional horsepower to 600hp and up. Their torque load basically ranges from thousands of the foot-pounds down to light loads in inch ounces.
  2. Wide speed range
  3. Less maintenance- maintenance costs can be greatly reduced because of the absence of metal to metal contact that eliminates the need for the lubrication systems, oil retaining devices and their nuisance, cost, weight, the possibility of product contamination.
  4. Less noise- throughout the normal speed of industrial as well as light-duty drives, the noise level is exceptionally low which is an important consideration in many machines and the installation of the equipment.
  5. Less weight- the horsepower to weight ratio is exceptionally high and is an important consideration where weight is the critical factor like in aircraft and portable equipment. Timing pulleys can be made of some light metals or any non-metallic materials.

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