Brown Spots on Cannabis Leaf surface: Whatever Causes Them?

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Brown stains on cannabis leaves are a home grower’s worst nightmare! Brown or bronze leaf marks are a common indication of cannabis growth. Fortunately, once you’ve figured out what’s causing it, it’s typically simple to correct. Brown leaves can be challenging to diagnose because many cannabis plant issues have similar symptoms. You’re not alone if you’ve been frustrated by this issue. The first fundamental problem while cultivating cannabis was burned brown patches on the flowers. Discover the dispensaries near me !


PH is too low.

The number one reason growers notice brown stains are because the pH at the roots is too low, regardless of whether they’re growing in soil, coco, or hydro. If you don’t use a PH Up solution to fix the issue, some growers will have low pH (acidic) groundwater that might induce these symptoms. Check the pH of your effluent discharged to see if that’s the case. If the water coming out of the bottom of the pot seems to have a much lower pH than the rainwater you were using to load it, it’s a sign that now the plants have a low pH.

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Burning light

These plants were flourishing fine… until we added the two “UFO” type LED grow lights shown. The goal was to boost yields by increasing the amount of light available during the flowering period. The LEDs’ manufacturer claimed they’d be kept just inches away from the plants. Until we installed two additional LED grow screens on top of the CFLs we were using; these marijuana plants were doing well.


Problems with Thermal and Air Flow

It’s pretty uncommon to find a smattering of brown stains on your plant’s leaves after a scorching hot spell. During a heatwave, learn how to care for your inside or outside plants. Other environmental pressures, such as too much wind or air, can also generate brown blotches. This happens most often when a fan blows straight on leaf tissue, forcing leaves to wobble.

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