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There are different terms used in the education system that are quite confusing because they could mean differently in other countries, for example, secondary schools. In the USA and Canada, a secondary school does not exist; instead they used middle school to imply grades 6 to 8 and high school for grades 9 to 12. In other parts of the world like in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand secondary school refers to a preparatory stage for students before going to college.

Secondary School’s Purpose

Secondary school is necessary when you are aiming to enroll for undergraduate studies, especially to notable universities both locally and internationally. This stage of education will significantly help you in strengthening your academic record by identifying the subjects, where you are weak, that you may work on ahead of time prior to admission. It also aids in shaping your identity and develops the mind’s tenacity needed to have a well-adjusted college life. This is because universities offer a different atmosphere wherein you will be mentally, emotionally, and physically challenged. So, it is better to prepare yourself from these pressures so that you may be able to enjoy your college life as you forge your career path. Minding your academics is a form of stress management, too.  In this preparatory stage, the students are exposed to different advanced fields of Math and Sciences alongside Arts and Humanities to cultivate not only their intellect but also broaden their cultural boundaries which unlocks their full potential before pursuing undergraduate studies and even higher forms of it like master’s and doctoral degree. Apart from that, the secondary school will also help you to get that full scholarship particularly in your dream universities which usually have expensive tuition fees.

Best Secondary School in Singapore

If you are aiming for Ivy League schools, a private secondary school in Singapore will pave the way for you with their proven and internationally accredited educational system and testimonies from students who have made it to international prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford and Trinity College Dublin. Singapore is the best choice in taking a secondary school since the environment is clean and it is culturally diverse having a competitive economy. It is also near to different countries with accessible airports, seaports, and train stations. The education system, too, is truly remarkable because it practice school and teacher accountability wherein there is an annual evaluation on the part of the school and the teacher that they may improve more their teaching methods. Hence, the secondary school in Singapore will give you ample experience culturally, economically, and intellectually which are needed for your personal growth.

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