Most suspenseful movie in Tamil 2022

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Watching these Tamil crime movies will be the best decision if suspense smites you. These crime stories have an overdose of drama and come as a savior to movie buffs who love to stay thrilled and energetic.

  1. Jail

This movie revolves around three friends Karnan, a third; Kalai, an ex-convict and Rocky, a druggist. These three were childhood friends and used to live in Chennai’s government housing board society. The police always have an eye to catch them, and jobs are denied to them; hence they turn to illegal activities to earn money. Rocky is a loggerhead and has a gang of drug pedlars. Various incidents in their life spelled disaster for three friends and families, and the cop used it for their benefit. It is the best Tamil crime movie to watch on AHA movies.

  1. Writer

It is a Tamil movie that transcends the audience into the world of crime and makes them show the criminals from the nearest. The plot revolves around the writer, who gets trapped by an innocent Ph.D. student. With guilt trips looming large, will he be able to save the young man for the crime he has not committed?

  1. Irai

It is a movie that revolves around ACP Robert Vasudevan. He finds out about the affluent men who disappeared suddenly and found a pattern of abduction, leading him to find a common link. Upon the conclusion, he found a woman standing between Robert and justice. It is a must-watch nerve-whacking suspense movie that will chill your spine.

  1. Maha

Maha is a movie about a single mother how who rescues her daughter from a serial killer who targets kids and murders them brutally.

The story shows how Maha saves her daughter from the claws of evil.

  1. Pothanur Thabal Nilayam

It is a story of an ambitious entrepreneur who is given only 36 hours to find stolen money to save his kith and kin. Will he be able to save them from a life-threatening situation? The movie leaves you in suspensetill the end. Watch it.

  1. Ayngaran

This Tamil drama film revolves around the scientist who uses his intelligence to save people from the harmful intentions of a burglar and a meat racket.

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Telugu dubbed movies which are superb to watch: Kanullam Kanullam Docheyeanta

Kanulukanuludochayante is a south indian film written and directed by  DesinghPeriyasamy. It is one of the best movies done by Dulquer Salmaan. The style and artistic part of the film will just boom your mood. It’s one of the telugu dubbed movies which are superb to watch and best in Tollywood movies. It’s a must watch film on Aha for some fun times with your loved ones.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Dulquer Salmaan

Actress: Ritu Varma

Other actors: Rakshan, NiranjaniAhathian

Director: DesinghPeriyasamy

Art Director: R K Umasankar

Based: KFC Entertainment

Producer: Anto Joseph, Viacom 18 Studios

Music: Masala Coffee

Cinematography: K. M. Bhaskaran

Editing: Praveen Anthony

Story By: DesinghPeriyasamy

Other information:

Runtime: 162 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre: Romantic, Heist, Comedy

Box Office: 50 crores

Story line:

The story begins with two best buddies from childhood Siddarth and Kaliswarammurthy, who were raised in an orphanage, grow up to become thieves. Their minds are so advanced that they steal whatever they want without getting caught. As once they were doing a laptop scam, the daughter of a police officer becomes a victim which increases his will to catch them. Meanwhile, two slow going women, meera and shreya, who struggle to make their life happen, meet siddarth and murthy. Siddarth falls in love with Meera at his first sight and Meera starts to get along with him. They all meet once in a while and Meera falls for him too. As going out for them, Shreya and Murthy also fall for each other and all together plan to go to Goa and settle by starting a business. As planned, they all go to goa with the enough amount and party at night. They both wake to a police raid where two women vanish. The police reveal that those two women are criminals who steal money by betraying and running away. This makes siddharth angry and what they do to meet them again and how the story turns into a beautiful model is what you should be waiting to watch.

Artists Performance:

  • Dulquer Salman is a charmer! He spread his magic to everyone in the span of the 2nd half hours.
  • Ritu Varma was beautiful in her role! She could live the moment and also take the audience with her in such an attitude.
  • Rikshan is the best character in the movie to make you laugh from starting to end! His character was fun, loving and heroic.
  • Niranjan Is a silent and secret person who steals everyone’s hearts! Her action was on line of excellence.

Why to watch KanullamKanullamDoocheyanta:

  • A perfect plan and uniquely story based movie. You are going to watch this movie for it’s story.
  • Location!! It’s the most beautiful and wonderful movie for eye sight! It’s made in every pretty place.
  • To experience love! The pure love without any conditions or restrictions.

This is a beautiful drama film that gives a new feel to the viewers. This is a never seen kind of film in tollywood movies and one of the telugu dubbed movies which are superb to watch online on aha.